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its's a VIBE..

when a space is designed well, it exudes energy and creates a feeling. This vibe is the balance of function, quality and artistry.


It's time to start thinking about your home and the spaces you spend time in differently. Yes, we love a beautiful sofa or an heirloom rug but what's more is the energy created when all of the elements come together in a way that defines your personal style beyond what you imagine.

So, how do we create rooms with a vibe? It comes down to three elements...



First, let's determine how you do life. How you use your home or a space matters greatly to ensure we design a space that fits your needs.

We believe that humans need connection to the natural world in order to function at their highest frequency. Let's explore the opportunities to deepen your connection by considering the home's setting and landscape. Natural light, natural materials and biophilic elements are fundamental components of each design.


At DRD we partner with trade professionals to ensure a beautiful end product. This means each person on your project is meticulous, skilled and dependable. In addition, we source high quality furnishings and materials so that your space makes a lasting impression.

We have made it our mission to build relationships with many vendors that do their part to reduce their carbon footprint by using sustainable, eco-friendly materials. We love to "go green" where we can.


While we look at each of these elements through creative lense, artistry is what breathes individuality and life into your finished space. From colors, shape and textures to the interesting combination of patterns, these are the dynamic details we don't overlook.

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